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Jay DeSantis Joins REO Capital


Who is Reo Capital?

REO Capital is a global capital raising firm for Venture Capital and Private Equity Emerging Managers and Established Managers of private funds with unique strategies. REO Capital has over 50 years of combined experience in raising capital for Emerging Managers over the past 12 years. REO Capital has specialized in working with unique strategies of Emerging Managers & Established Managers that seek to raise money from $100 million to $700 million.

Jay DeSantis Role

As a Managing Partner of Parventures, Jay served as an exceptional investor and dynamic serial entrepreneur with a strong track record investing in high-growth and attractive segments in multiple verticals. And tech-enabled outsourced business services sectors. Jay's extensive experience and strong track record in business services are very additive and strategic to our firm's existing skillsets and expertise. We are deploying a sector-focused strategy as we continue to build our firm and ramp up our investment activities and assets under management. We have a very experienced and successful run as a partner of multiple Silicon Valley funds. From early stage- to late.

As a founder and entrepreneur, I couldn't be happier to extend a helping hand to emerging managing partners' source capital with my experiences and 1st level network valued at over $1.2T of assets from family offices, syndicates, and financial institutions. I aim to provide multi-dimensional assistance to green-inspired funds and a future-focused vision disrupting banking and alternative investments into crypto funds, where I made personal investments in 2010.

Supporting the Alternative Assets Market, Together

Ultimately, I am eager to help guide new emerging managing funds and existing legacy Lp's place capital that transforms private markets by providing unmatched intelligence across the entire private capital lifecycle. Concurrently, our managers will be able to make faster decisions with more conviction and better benchmark their performance. I'm very honored to join John Dense and Scott Warden to help REO Capitall LLC become the first Fund placement firm with fundamental principles.

Are you an emerging manager looking to fund your next fund?

Unfortunately, we can't reply to all our inquiries. We wish we could. We're always looking for new relationships that fit our agency and fund manifesto.

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