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A Fund Built For
The Now & Beyond

A Mid-Late Stage Venture Firm Located in Los Angeles CA & Sheridan WY

We're a Multi Dimensional fund

We invest in smart people solving problems that are passionate about finding the answer.

What happen to the future?

As a society, we have focused on consumer markets too much while relying on fossil economic systems and processes.

How Do We Change?

We need to pivot our focus from consumerism innovation into resources and educational ventures that propel others to join in with their superpowers and change the world.

Why it hasn't changed for the better yet.

Because we have exhausted the internet and its potential two decades after we started exploiting it commercially.

It pays off to think different 

We believe our method should outperform, and we think it’s the shortest route to social value. So, we will continue to invest & build for a better future. 

Our Vision Thing.
& Reputation 

People frequently say that contrarian investments outperform conformist investments. Is that true? It’s difficult to make the case directly, but the indirect evidence is suggestive: as we’ve seen, whatever the bottom 80% of the VC industry is doing now is losing money for investors. Clearly, the mainstream VC model does not work very well. (Even if it did, the problem with consensus investments is that their prices reflect broad agreement, so even if they work, they tend to produce unspectacular returns.

Investing in companies doing things that are breathtakingly new and ambitious is provocative. It is not what our industry is best at doing, at least, not in the past decade. And there is no way to assure a positive return – but at least it has a chance of working. Simply doing what everyone else does is not enough.

We Take Pride in Our Numbers


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Passionate Companies


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Our Partners


Are You Ready to Accelerate Your Business?

Our confidence in ourselves and our allies lifts us all up to achieve the most noble purpose on earth: unblemished prosperity.

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